Multiple Location Shipping Charge

For Shopify sellers who carry inventory and use Trendsi's dropshipping service

If you are a seller who charge shipping for your own inventory and also want to start using Trendsi as a dropshipping service, you may run into the issue of Shopify doubling the shipping charge when your customer has products from both you and Trendsi at checkout.

For example:

$5 shipping for inventory managed by your Shopify store
$5 shipping for inventory managed by Trendsi
If your customer has products that are managed by both locations, they will see the shipping charge as $10 when they are ready to checkout. 

This is not ideal from your customer's standpoint and unfortunately, Shopify doesn't allow a single shipping charge if you manage inventory from multiple locations. 

Per Shopify's recommendation, you can:
  1. Find a programmer/developer to build this function because it is beyond their system. 
  2. Incorporate the cost of shipping into the retail price of your personal products or Trendsi products, then set one of the locations to offer free shipping for the inventory.

To set up free shipping for one of the locations, go to your Shopify admin --> Settings --> Shipping and delivery --> Manage Rates


You will need to add shipping rates for each location:


For more help with shipping rates in your Shopify store, please refer to this article.