How do I cancel a Shopify order?


Shopify orders can be cancelled if it hasn't been checked out or if it hasn't been shipped after completing the order.

  • If you have already checked out the order but the order hasn't been shipped, you can go into the specific order and click the "Cancel" button to cancel the order.

Cancel Order_mobile1 Cancel Order_mobile2 Cancel Order_mobile3

  • On the web app- go to "Orders" on the left navigation bar to locate the order, if it hasn't been shipped, the "Cancel" button will be available.

    Cancel Order_web app

Once an order is shipped, it can no longer be canceled. Your customer will need to initiate a return once they receive their package and you can choose to accept the return based on your own cancellation/return policies.

Reminder: Do not refund your customer in Shopify until they receive the order and sends it back.