Create manual order on Shopify

There are different reasons why you may want to create a manual order from Shopify, such as:

  • You have just signed up with Trendsi and want to test the order process.
  • Placing a sample order with an address outside the U.S. (only products shipped from China are eligible for international shipping. Please see this article for more info.)
  • There were some out of stock items in the order that your customer placed and you're unable to checkout on Trendsi app.

Go to your Shopify admin --> Orders --> Create Order

  • Select product(s) for your order. Products must be added to your Shopify store from Trendsi app first. You can find the product by name or going through your collections, etc.


  • Add Customer information. This can be your personal information if you want to place a test order or a new/existing customer information.

  • Select Collect Payment --> Mark as paid


  • Select Create Order


  • Completed order on your Shopify side


  • Go to Trendsi mobile/wep app --> Account --> Orders --> Unpaid to checkout the order
    (If you have Auto Checkout enabled, you do not need to checkout)
  • Once payment is complete, Trendsi will process and fulfill the order. Tracking updates will automatically be triggered to send via your Shopify store just like other normal orders.